Project Eduard Sutheimer

During our Site inspection, it became apparent that the urban structure projected a distinctive appearance. The properties are very deep and have narrow frontages. A residential building occupies the front portion of the property, while a barn with storage functions sits in the rear.

In order to adapt to the site conditions, and allow for east/west exposure, I have orientated the buildings to allow for an optimized exposure.  The new Kindergarten is located in front of the gymnasium, and mirrors the existing relationships between the ‚front house‘ and the ‚rear house‘.

The site’s existing connection will remain, and will merely be extended. The entrance to the gym has been located on the south side of the building, in order to avoid having the visitors cross the kindergarten’s playground, keeping that area semi-private.However, the Kindergarten can be entered from the playground.

The property with the new development is divided into three parts. An arrival space, the playground, and a natural green space.

The main concept of my design, was to take the volume of the residential building and arrange enough of them beside one another, until enough space for sport usage can be contained within. This allows the volume of the building to respond to the established urban structure.

A folded-plate construction was chosen as the construction principle. The individual walls are prefabricated as plates and easily erected on site. The folded appearance of the building allows for the walls to support one another and provides structural integrity.

The same principle has been implemented in the roof’s construction.

In order to promote a connection between the interior and exterior spaces, a large glass band divides the fassade. By folding a portion of the south fassade, an entrance area is created, that welcomes the visiotrs into the building.

In order to achieve sufficient natural daylighting, that doesn’t disturb the players, skylights have been placed on the northern slopes of the roofs.

The overall layout and organsation of the floor plans has been kept relatively simple. Secondary rooms are located in the first building, and are adjoined by a large common area. A staircase leads to an upstairs gallery, which includes a warm-up area for the players.

The secondary rooms contain only the most essential functions- a change room, showers, toilets and equipment rooms.

For the appearance of the fassade, wooden shingles were chosen. These are not only economical, but can be produced from regional resources and installed by local tradespeople.


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